More Teenage Tantrums

I did a little research on google yesterday and came across a webpage that deals with teenage tantrums. (see My wife and I have decided to give the recommendations a try.  It involves some role-playing to help cope with the tantrum once it begins.  We are going try to make the role-playing as realistic as possible.  We have also decided to try be better role models ourselves.  Instead of getting overtly upset with our occasional frustrations we will talk out loud in a calm voice about them – easier said than done – even though no one else is listening.

ADHD Teenager

My son is a teenager with ADHD.  He is fifteen.  Awhile ago I reminded myself that I have taken on several multi-year projects in my life and eventually completed them — university degrees and other such things.  I decided that getting this child to adulthood was going to be my next project.  Once I made the commitment things got a little easier.  Now I just buckle down and work toward my goal day-by-day.  I have found that making the commitment has changed the way I look at the situation as.  I used to feel that my son’s misbehaviour was taking something away from me.  It was as if I was being punished.  Now I look at it as though it is something that I do.  There is less blame and less guilt.  It just something that needs to be done.  So I roll up my sleeves and get at it.  I no longer have an expectation that things will change much in the near future, but hopefully I can decrease the day to day damage.