My Morning With My Teenager

My morning with my teenager starts at 7:00 in the morning.  I go into his room and tell him this is his 15 minute warning.  The 15 minute warning has no basis in reality.  He does not get up after the fifteen minutes; it’s more like 45 minutes.  A while ago he said he wanted a 15 minute warning before he was called to get up.  I obliged and the ritual is ongoing.  After the 15 minutes have lapsed I go in once every 5 minutes until he gets up – usually about 30 minutes later.

As soon as he is up he goes into the shower and stays there until all the hot water is gone.  That takes about another 20 minutes.  After the shower he returns to his bedroom to get dressed which takes him somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes.  I have no idea why it takes so long to put on underwear, socks, t-shirt and pants.  I am not likely to find out because he gets very upset if anyone opens his door during that time.

Eventually, he comes out of his room and within 10 minutes we are in the car for the 15 minute drive to school.  We invariably arrive at school between 10 to 20 minutes late.  His school dutifully reports his tardiness on his report card but otherwise tolerates it rather well.  After I have dropped him off at school I feel so good about having done my fatherly duty for the morning I treat myself to a Starbucks.  Good job dad!

PS: sometime I’ll blog about getting his homework done.

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